Non-religious meditation

Meditation covers a diverse range of practices aiming at a variety of objectives. Acem Meditation differs from our usual ideas of meditation in a number of ways.


Acem Meditation is a neutral technique, which provides deep relaxation and personal development regardless of beliefs and cultural context.


Acem Meditation stimulates an open process with profound effects in daily life. Meditation feels nice, but does not aim at any particular state of mind.

Inner freedom

Acem Meditation uses a meditation sound that relaxes body and mind and increases the free flow of thoughts and feelings. This gives access to fascinating and revitalising areas of the psyche.

Personal development

Acem Meditation enables the meditator to modify unconscious patterns often rooted in personality and psychological history. While even irregular practice gives release of stress, regular meditation may bring profound insight and change within reach.

Qualified guidance

After learning the technique, you may profit from a unique system of guidance. This helps you get your meditation on track in challenging phases and provides deeper insight into the process. All instructors are highly experienced meditators with years of specialised training.

Follow-up activities

In different parts of the world, meditation meetings, follow-up courses, and retreats provide opportunities to enhance the meditative process.