Learn Acem Meditation in Rotterdam

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Effects of Acem Meditation

  • gives deep relaxation
  • reduces stress
  • develops empathy for self and others
  • stimulates creativity and productivity

The method has been developed in Scandinavia since 1966 and is now taught in 18 countries around the world.

Learn Acem Meditation in Rotterdam

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For courses in Dutch
in Groningen and Amsterdam, see acem.nl

Participate in international retreats in Scandinavia

Week long retreats in Acem Meditation are arranged throughout the year in Scandinavia. See complete calendar of events.

What people say

Improved my life

“Acem Meditation has helped me to sleep better, after years of insomnia“. Mercedes Ozuna, Metropolitan Transport Authority, New York City

Psychologie van de Stilte

In dit boek worden de achtergronden, de effecten en de mogelijkheden van Acem-meditatie als mentale ontspanningstechniek en als middel tot persoonlijkheidsontwikkeling behandeld.

Fighting Stress: Reviews of Meditation Research

A must read for everyone who wants an update on what science knows about meditation today.