Learn Acem Meditation from anywhere in the Netherlands

If you cannot come to Acem, then Acem can come to you!


Acem now offers a limited number of online beginner courses in Acem meditation. You can learn the method over the internet from where you live.

All you need is an internet-connected PC with video camera, headset and microphone. This is a good opportunity for those who live far from an Acem center or have a long commuting distance to get there.

Rolf Brandrud

Rolf Brandrud
Acem Meditation teacher
Based in Oslo

Margit Schuster

Margit Schuster
Acem Moderator
Based in Rotterdam

The first opportunity will be an online course in English running five Wednesdays 1800-1930 from 4. November. Course teachers will be Rolf Brandrud and Margit Schuster.


Are you interested - for your own part or as a tip to give to friends? Then the link acem.com/campaigns is the way to go to sign up for the waiting list for the next online beginners course.


Dialog via computer screen

In an online course, you are in direct two-way dialogue with the course teacher and up to 5 other course participants. The difference is that you do not sit in the same room,but talk to each other via the computer screen. You see yourself and the others in video frames on the screen. A little unfamiliar at first, but it goes away quickly. And gradually it gives a good feeling to be able to get to know and talk together from e.g. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, den Haag, Utrecht and Groningen. Or from Stuttgart, Paris, Gothenburg, Reykjavik and Oslo.

Simple breathing meditation

The course runs over 5 weeks with one meeting a week. At the first meeting, the participants individually learn a breathing meditation which is a simple technique to begin with. It provides a good entrance to experience and understand what characterizes Acem's teaching in meditation in contrast to others. We teach non-directive meditation, where effortless repetition of a meditation object allows for thoughts and impressions to come and go as they please, process tensions and trigger a relaxation response.

Instruction in Acem meditation

At the second meeting, the participants - also individually - receive the first instruction in Acem meditation. Here the breath is replaced as a meditation object with a meditation sound. It is repeated with the same effortless posture as one learned in relation to breathing the week before, and gives a deeper and stronger effect.

At the third, fourth and fifth meetings, the participants come together. You meditate 30 minutes together at each meeting, share your experiences with each other and with the course teacher, get to know Acem's meditation psychology, what the research says about the processes meditation initiates and get an overview of how you can work on your own development through Acem.

Good experience

Those who have taken beginner courses online this spring have been very satisfied. Especially because it has now become possible to learn the technique no matter where you are currently in the world. In addition, meeting other meditators and course teachers on screen provides a much closer contact than one initially expects.

Are you interested - for your own part or as a tip to give to friends? Then this link acem.com/campaigns is the way to go to sign up for the waiting list for the next beginners course - online or in an Acem center.